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One of the most favorite saree of Bengal is “Baluchari sarees”. It is produced in Visnhuupur and Murshidabad district of Bengal.

Baluchari Saree

In the year 1965 in Banaras also Baluchari sarees were started weaving. It is not only famous in Bengal but in whole world it is attributed as a wonderful art.

Basically, designs woven in those sarees are taken from our epic.”Ramayana”, and “Mahabharata” but now gradually many other historical ideas & pictures are embodied in the sarees.

Within two decades, from the “Baluchar” village of Murshidabad district, it has crossed the mile stone in textile industry.

It is said that in 18th century Nawab Murshid Ali Khan brought this art from ‘Dhaka’ to murshidabad. He gave lot of assistance & infrastructure to up lift this art. But due to havoc of flood the Baluchar village was drowned & after some time this art was shifted in Vishnupur at Bakura district.

It was the regime of “mall”Raja’s; they also tried to promulgate this art. They also build “Terracotta Temples” in every lane; hence this art is also influenced by the sculpture of these temples.

Baluchari Saree

It takes about a week to weave a single saree by the help of two weavers. The value ranging of these sarees starts from Rs3000/- to Rs 20,000/-

After weaving the sarees it needs polishing in order to bring luster in the sarees.

This sarees are produced by local silk yarns. Produced in nearby Murshidabad & Malda.

Firstly, yarn is bleached with the help of chemicals to soften it & then it is twisted to give strength then after it is stringed in handlooms.

The design to weave is drawn in plain paper, counting the square as per looms.

This graph is colored & same is punched in card boards.

These cardboards as per design are sequenced by trends & then loaded in the jacquard machine.

Primarily, there was no jacquard- machine. & the work was very tedious, but after the invention of ‘jacquard machine’ a saree is weaved in a week by the weavers & more over the weaving is also very neat and clear in nature.

Hence, it is a sign of Aristocracy & attire of status.