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People say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. A saree is one of the most classic and elegant attires that almost every Indian woman has in her wardrobe. When draped perfectly, this wonderful garment makes a woman look stunningly gorgeous. These styles never go out of fashion, and make you look lovelier every time you wear them. This is one of the reasons why almost every newlywed has at least one saree from each of these traditional styles in her closet. At ISHA we have a huge variety of Sarees that not only beautiful but also splendid in their own unique group. To classify beautiful Sarees we have optimized three categories of our Sarees that you can never go wrong, no matter what the occasion is. These Sarees are head turners in elegance and sophistication and we intend you to be always in the spotlight whenever you are in our jealousy-wear.

1. Beautiful Bandhani - These enchanting Sarees, also known as bandhej, are from Gujarat and Rajasthan. These tie and dye Sarees come in multitudes of colours, and plethora of designs. Whenever you are in a festive mood, the BandhaniSarees are perfect for you to reflect your feelings in front of the world. Whether you go for traditional red, green, yellow, or the modern pastel shades of pink, the Bandhani style always looks majestic. So, next time when you have to attend a religious function or shake a leg at dandiya night, look ravishing in a Bandhani saree, and steal compliments for your looks.

2. Sophisticated Kanjivaram - Known as the name of their place of origin, i.e., Kanchipuram, these Sarees are symbolic of ‘luxury in silk’. The beautiful motifs, mostly animals and birds, and its shinning golden border are sure to make head turns whenever you wear it. The elements like intricate weave and patterns, opulent silk fabric, gold thread, etc., make them one of the costliest Sarees. Go classy and elegant in your family functions with these graceful KanjivaramSarees.

3. Bedazzling Banarasi- The oldest living city of the world gives us one of the finest Sarees of the country. These hand-woven Sarees with explicit embroidery are almost impossible for any Indian woman to give a miss. The making of a Banarasi saree can take anywhere between 15 days to six months. This art was brought to India by the Mughals, and thus you might still see these Sarees with Mughal motifs and designs. And if you thought that Banarasi saree is synonymous to brocade, well then this might come as a surprise to you that it comes in many variants like zardosi, meenakari, georgette, jamewar, etc.