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‘Bomkai’ is a small town in Orissa, having cottage industry for weaving sarees.

Bomkai Saree

It is every famous for weaving sarees, both in cotton & silk in handlooms.

It is a traditional Indian sarees, containing vibrant colours, which attract one’s eye at first sight.

It is a smooth fabric with luster & having a uniform character throughout its fabric. The designs in sarees are influenced from the caves of ‘Khandagire’ in Orissa.

The fine weaving of borders & pallu with multicolor threads gives an exotic effect. From a distance it looks like a miniature painting done in the saree.

The pattern of weaving is very much influenced by ikkat work.

Bomkai Saree

The insertion of vibrant colour in a design breaks the monotony of a design & gives an elegant appearance.

It is a typical from of weaving; even the looms are also different then other patterns of weaving.

The beauty in the end part i.e. pallu with angular discontinuous supplementary weft pattern is a unique piece of art.

A broad band supplementary warp referring as “milka panji”, which produce a lattice work of small diamond shape is popular fantasy in these sarees.

It is weaved both in cotton & silk yarn.

It is said that to wear the figure of fish, weaved in a saree gives immense prosperity, health & good luck.

The wrap & the weft are so much inter-connected by the ‘jala’ technique of weaving, which interlocks the different colours, which gives an enchanting effect of the fabric.