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Buy Pure Silk Sarees Online

Worn only by royalty in ancient days, today it is a must for most households, though worn sparingly and mainly for weddings, auspicious occasions, festivals and grand parties, the tradition of wearing pure silk Sarees are still a luxury till date.Infact the red colored Pure Silk Saree is still considered the Indian bridal trousseau .

Pure Silk is known as Paat in Eastern India, Pattu in the South and Resham in the North and West. Next only to China, India is the second largest producer and a major consumer of natural silk in the world. Almost the entire production of raw silk is from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Famous centres in India where pure silk fabrics are made, include Arani, Bangalore, Chettinad, Coimbatore, Dharmavaram, Gadwal, Kanchipuram, Mysore, Narayanpet, Pochampally, Rasipuram, Uppada and Venkatagiri in the South, Assam, Murshidabad, Bhagalpur, Jamdhani, Sambalpur in the East and Banaras, Chanderi, Maheshwar, Jammu, Rajkot, in the North and West.

Pure Silk is a natural fiber that has a gleaming exterior. The mulberry silkworm is reared and the silk extracted from it is fine, soft, white and pure. The whole cocoon is generally untied as one continuous thread, clearing into a stronger cloth to be woven from the silk. That is known as Pure Silk and it is light, soft, smooth and lustrous. Its absorbency keeps one comfortable during hot weather while its low conductivity makes it comfortable wear during cold conditions. Found as one of its use as Pure Silk Sarees,these preciously prized ,light yarns of elegance and a little higher in range ,they have always appealed to the Indian women and the market endorses new designs and unique colors in response.

While giving a brief insight into the enterprise, one of the senior sales executive working at Indian Silk House Agencies recently stated, “We have a wide collection of silk sarees online in our inventory that epitomizes a combination of tradition, unique colour combinations and modern designs. Unlike other e-commerce companies selling products online for five years or more, we are a time-tested brand. We strive to earn a loyal clientele by offering a consistent supply of quality products that we create using extraordinary craftsmanship and remarkable artistic values.”

Whether one desires to buy a silk saree for a wedding and party or simply desires to get hands on diligently designed casual and formal sarees, Indian Silk House Agencies offers it all. The cheaper Gadwal Silk Saree are found in Siko (Silk Cotton) fabric and the relatively more expensive and exclusive Gadwal Silk Sarees are found in Pure Silk fabric. The collection of Gadwal silk sarees online can be found at https://www.indiansilkhouseagencies.com/sarees/Gadwal. They are famous zari sarees weaved in such a way that one can fold them down to the size of a match box.