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The uniquely stunning allure of raw silk sarees are such that they have good quality silk of strength and luster with uneven texture and short lengths. Blended with tussar silk, sometimes good cotton, yields fine sarees of unique weave. They make beautiful canvas for fine, detailed sharp and exquisite narrative themes from folklore and epics. Tribal art matches high standards of professional artistry.

Silk is a natural fiber shiny and lustrous, traditionally accepted as the finest and purest in yarns, hence considered as the fabric to be worn for religious occasions and traditional festivals in India. A prevailing custom, followed till date, its look and feel, its strength and lack of creases make it the preferred fabric for Indian women. Added to it are the endearing qualities of softness, smooth feel, warm and comfortable in the appropriate climatic conditions. Silk be of any form or variety, these natural properties are common to all. Raw silk sarees are liked by Indian women for the simple reason that there is a slightly dull to faint lustre that gives it a special look. Because of its slightly rough texture compared to pure silk, the colors on the saree assume a strange but liked vitality. The already grand looking saree is further given touch of elegance and captivating beauty by thematic prints, lovely bootis and other such decorative features on the pallu or end piece.

Raw silk is a filament yarn from which the gummy substance that comes with the silken yarn has not been separated. This sericin or sticky substance is removed by putting the cocoons in boiling water so that the gum separates out. The filament yarn is too fine to be woven directly. Hence the uneven strands are reeled in by hand and uniform strands are formed to make it suitable for weaving. Raw silk is of light biege to yellow colour.

Since the yarn is not even and lacks lustre, raw silk weaving produces a slightly dull and coarser fabric than one from pure silks. Raw silk threads are washed in soapy water to get some shine and then dyeing is done. Hand reeled threads can be combined to desired thickness for thin and light fabrics and for slightly heavier fabrics. Raw silk can be dyed with both natural and artificial dyes. There have been good fusion experiments on display in the exclusive raw silk collection of sarees till date. The lustrous offerings with the zari borders make for rich lush fabrics that would do very well for any occasion.