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Stylishly casual to seemingly exclusive is the Indian casual saree. Apt for any occasion, the concept of casual has been radically altered. Embellishments, pleasing colors, designs, patterns, motifs that pleased the eye, spread the cheer. Increasingly eye catching novel creations that allow the wearer to go beyond the casual or informal occasion.Traditional attire, fashion fabrics in silk and cotton, Indian casual sarees serve equally well as cool wear for outings as for fashion wear at parties and functions. In a variety of fabrics, a plethora of adorning options, designs and patterns to choose from, and a lot of fusion, the new seemingly exclusive avatars have raised doubts on its remaining casual any more.Saree fabric material could be cotton, silk, jute, nylon, rayon, Georgette, chiffon, satin etc. or blends. There is no dearth of Indian traditional sarees and modern art silks and current tastes have encouraged brilliant fusion experiments of the two to evolve a new range of splendid handloom saree fabrics of trending designs and mesmerizing patterns. The body of the sarees could have printed designs, woven patterns or just a plain setting. The border of the saree could be broad, narrow, thin line, single color, multi colored, with printed design, embroidery or painted patch work. The pallu of the sari, its most attractive feature could be adorned by printed designs, embroidery, weaving or hand painting, with a lot of detail in attractive colors.

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