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There are a plethora of apparel brands in India, but what makes us different from them are our core values and ethics. We have always been local and take utmost pride in sourcing and commissioning of local weavers from the deepest roots of India to sell across the world. Hence we gave our brand the tagline – “delivering culture worldwide.”

All our products are carefully handpicked and are all about promoting Indian handloom, Indian handicrafts, Indian culture, Indian textile, Indian values and Indian heritage. So much so that even today we greet our guests over a call or in-store with a Namastey!

Today, these difficult times have taught us great lessons. Lessons to appreciate the sanitation workers, medical staffs, local vegetable vendors and local karigars who are making masks at home and helping us fight this pandemic situation.

For us to “Go local” is not just products, it’s a way of life. It’s time when others should also step forward and support “GoVocalAboutLocal” movement.


Support Indian Handlooms
Promoting Pure Silk Sarees of South India
South India has been one of the best hubs for the Handloom Silk Sarees

Supporting Bengal Handlooms
Bengal Textile and heirlooms has an eminent place in Indian History
namely, Murshidabad for Printed Silk, Garad & Baluchari,
Bishnupur for Bishpuri Pure Silk,
Fulia For Matka and Cotton.

Supporting Banaras Handlooms
Banaras is the Queen of Handloom products and best known for
her skilful artisan and fine craftsmanship.