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India is a land of many cultures, rich traditions and equally rich craftwork by artisans from rural background. One such handloom and weaving technique which is famous in different parts of India is the art of making ikkat sarees. Rural artisans of Pochampally, Orissa and Gujarat gave rise to ikkat sarees which have a distinguishable characteristic feature. Ikkat silk sarees are made by binding the threads together, adding a resist substance to the ikkat threads, and then dipping them into the chosen colour. Ikkat pattu sarees are sarees when the threads used are of the silk fabric. Ikkat sarees are crafted using either the single ikkat design or double ikkat design. The main feature used in creating ikkat silk sarees is resist dyeing.

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Cream Pure Handloom Pochampally Silk Saree With Blouse Piece

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Red Pure Silk Rajkot Patola Saree With Blouse Piece

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Purple Pure Silk Rajkot Patola Saree With Blouse Piece

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Cream Pure Handloom Woven Pochampally Silk Saree With Blouse Piece

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Indian Silk House Agencies - POCHAMPALLY

Pochampally Silk Sarees

Among the conventional materials of Bangladesh and India, Pure Silk Sarees are made up of 100% unadulterated silk yarn and the handloom silk weaving industry is a vital industry for the improvement of provincial zones in the nation. Being a deep rooted and key strategy of weaving, Handloom Pure Silk Saree weaving was a family venture of India's house industry. Hand-woven Pure Silk Saree, woven in tons in various parts of India has its own style of weaving. The themes also vary from one state to another.  Pure Silk Sarees, woven on shuttle pit looms are made of wood and rope.

Handloom segment being the second biggest industry of India, even the government of India is supporting to upgrade every one of the assets accessible with a specific end goal to help this industry persevere through the extreme circumstances it has been confronting. Few sorts of Handicraft Pure Silk Sarees are Baluchari Sarees of Bengal, Kanjivaram Silk Sarees of Tamil Nadu, Tussar Sarees of Malda, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh and last but not the least, Banarasi Sarees of Varanasi.

Each of these kinds of sarees is tremendously delightful and captivatingly mystical. These  Pure Silk Sarees Online are worthy possessions of any Indian womans closet. Ethnic Pure Silk Sarees may be costly contrasted with alternate textures, in any case one must not overlook that these sarees can be worn for a considerable length of time together and passed on to eras and still the Silk Saris would not lose their glaze, style or demand.

Kanchipuram  Silk Sarees for instance, are fancy in genuine silver zari with a gold finish. The outlines made on them are those of sanctuary fringes, stripes, checks, flowery bootis and other conventional plans that would never lose its appeal amongst South Indian Silk Sarees Online.

Banarasi  Silks Sarees, are an absolute necessity have for any Indian lady of the hours trousseau and are unpredictably woven in brilliant and silver strings with outlines propelled from our history like the Mughal period with Jhallar outskirts which makes them an enduring sight to behold.

Tussar Sarees because of their breathable fabric can be worn all throughout the year and comprises of more modernized themes like geometric examples, paisley themes and flower outlines. These Designer Pure Silk Sarees are an unquestionable requirement for each Indian lady due to the solace that it conveys alongside its light weight. They look grand as well as are most satisfactory texture insightful in a tropical nation like our own.

Silk is thought to be a standout amongst the richest textures and is likewise to a great degree adaptable as it can be effectively consolidated into any look. From pochampally sarees in Andhra Pradesh to uppada silk sarees, art silk sarees to kanjivaram sarees which is the pride of the trosseau of every Indian bride, South Indian Sarees Online never fail to mesmerize us by their luxurious handwoven silk.

However, Traditional Handwoven Pochampalli Sarees, also known as Pochampalli ikat, is an ethnic garment which emerges from the Bhoodan Pochampally in the Nalgonda District for the Telangana State of India. These saree are well-known for the characteristic ikat prints. The ancient technique of ikat is used to dye the garments. This process is known as Resist dyeing, in which a host of methods are used to prevent the colours from spreading all across the fabric. Ikat technique is used to dye garments.

Therefore the dyed areas are used to create specific patterns and motifs, which is what Ikat is all about. This technique is used in all Pochampalli Sarees online with minor variations here and there.

Origin and Background of Pochampalli Ikat

The resist dyeing is one of the oldest of techniques used in the world. This style was used on one of the oldest fabric samples found in Egypt. Strips of linen were discovered by historians while unearthing mummies.

These strips were first soaked in wax and then symbols and designs were scratched onto to them with the help of a sharp stylus of sorts. These strips were then dyed with the help of blood and ash and then washed to get off the remaining wax.

The final product had abstract designs all over the surface. In Asia, China popularized this technique as it was widely used in the Tang Dynasty. The Ikat technique was then introduced to India via the silk route.

Pochampalli Ikat sarees online gathered popularity in the 1800s. Traders across the silk route often associated these designs with power and affluence, which really contributed to their popularity.

Sources of Inspiration

Most Ikat designs in Handwoven Pochampally Silk Sarees are completely abstract and do not have specific set of motifs and prints on it. However, one can say that the abstract design element itself is a motif as it is repeated across the surface of the saree.

Faces behind the Fabric

Making Handloom Pochampally Silk Saree requires a progression of careful stride to be taken after to guarantee that the most noteworthy nature of the texture can be accomplished. The artisans involved in making this form of Silk saree online live in Pochampally. In Pochampally, there is a cluster of 80 villages in Andhra Pradesh. All these villages are well-equipped with traditional looms whose structural designs are centuries old.  This area is known as the Silk City, where over 10, 000 families participate in the weaving process. The secrets to the trade are handed down from generation to generation.

The special technique of the Pochampally silk weave

The Ikkat technique involves applying bindings which resist dye penetration to the threads in pre-determined patterns and then dyeing the threads. These threads are then woven to produce the desired pattern. When several colours are used, the dyeing process on the threads is repeated for each of the colours chosen. Then the fabric is woven with the multi-coloured threads into the pattern. Within the ikkat style of dyeing are methods of single-ikkat and double-ikkat. Single ikkat has two variants warp ikkat where the warp threads are dyed after applying resists according to pattern on the warp threads. After that, only, is the weaving done. In the weft ikkat it is the weft threads which are coloured by applying resists before the dyeing and then weaving is done. In either case the dyeing is done prior to the weaving so carefully that the pattern emerges as the weave progresses. In the double ikkat method both the warp and weft threads are dyed before weaving. Alternatively, in the tie-dye method it is quite the reverse of the Ikkat style of dyeing. Here the threads are first woven and the resist bindings then applied to the fabric before dyeing it.

Endearing features of the Pochampally silk saree

The painstaking efforts of the weavers in maintaining the purity of dyeing and weaving, including the control and placement of threads during the weave contribute largely to the complexity of the weave patterns and pleasing appearance of the sarees. Colours that are employed for the dyeing of threads are fast and well-chosen. No wonder the outcome of the Pochampally saree displays an extraordinary ethnic skill that is hard to match. Current trends see Pochampally silk saris with traditional designs, zari borders and elegant pallus with pleasing designs and colourful prints, making it a must-buy for weddings, festivals, traditional functions and even corporate wear.

Buy Online Pochampally silk sarees at Indian Silk House Agencies

Indian Silk House Agencies has many exquisitely designed Pochampally silk sarees that one can buy online. There are two special features that are notable. The stripes pattern design on the pallus between which there are floral patterns in double ikkat weaving. The main saree has attractive motifs in ikkat prints or ikkat weaving and borders with patola weaving. Colours  that are chose chosen are bright and gorgeous.

You could also wear the Pochampally  Sarees Online and be different from the rest. If you are gearing up for Weddings and Festivals, let us add to your list, the marvelous borders and the equally majestic pallus which you can display guilt-free and be the center of attraction at the party. The texture of the cotton fabric is retained with the help of the sheen of the silk fabric which makes the saree a special one for Festive Occasions.

With so many new Designs in Silk Sarees Online coming up lately, Famous Handloom Fancy Silk Sarees have been selling like hot cakes along with buyers ranging from even US and Canada buying Silk Sarees Online with Worldwide Shipping. It is also preferable to wear Handloom Silk Sarees Online because of they can be easily washed and Fancy Silk Sarees Online even dry up fast enough even in the winter season unlike its other counterparts.

Do Pochampally Silk Sarees Online Shopping and get the Indian Silk House Agencies edge? Yes, definitely! Buy Pochampally Silk Sarees Online with Matching Blouses at great prices! Log on to  any innumerable payment options get the products delivered at your door step. You can avail the facility of COD for getting the orders deliverd across Indian. We also ship worldwide with our free shipping facility.  

India is a land of many cultures, rich traditions and equally rich craftwork by artisans from rural background. One such handloom and weaving technique which is famous in different parts of India is the art of making ikkat sarees. Rural artisans of Pochampally, Orissa and Gujarat gave rise to ikkat sarees which have a distinguishable characteristic feature. Ikkat silk sarees are made by binding the threads together, adding a resist substance to the ikkat threads, and then dipping them into the chosen colour. Ikkat pattu sarees are sarees when the threads used are of the silk fabric. Ikkat sarees are crafted using either the single ikkat design or double ikkat design. The main feature used in creating ikkat silk sarees is resist dyeing.

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With the blessings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, one of our founding fathers Sri Sumati Chand Samsukha set up a saree showroom in North Kolkata. Being an entrepreneur at heart and with his sheer hardwork and determination, Sri Sumati Chand Samsukha made this saree showroom a leading household brandname across India. In the year 1971, his sons, Sri Dilip Kumar Samsukha and Sri Tarun Kumar Samsukha, amongst others, set up another showroom in Rashbehari Avenue with the suffix, Agencies, to the name, Indian Silk House. The showroom located at Rashbehari Avenue was set up with the intent of catering to the growing urban population of South Kolkata. Following his father's footsteps, Sri Dilip Samsukha continued to maintain the founding values of the brand and was able to make the Rashbehari showroom a landmark for Silk Saree shopping in South Kolkata. The founding fathers strongly believed that with strict quality control and the right pricing, every woman in India will be able to wear a saree purchased from Indian Silk House Agencies. In the year 1998, Mrs. Pratibha Dudhoria, daughter of Sri Sumati Chand Samsukha took over the Rashbehari showroom, Indian Silk House Agencies, from the reigns of her brothers. Pratibha di, as she is commonly known, having the same acumen, entrepreneurship and zeal like her father and brothers made sure that the brand Indian Silk House Agencies flourished under her reign. With the blessing and grace of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Indian Silk House Agencies opened another showroom in Barasat in 2010 followed by showrooms in New Market and Gorabazar in 2014. Pratibha di is now a well-known personality in the Silk Saree industry across West Bengal. She hosts a very popular Style Show telecasted in Colors Bangla and is a go-to personality when it comes to Sarees! Pratibha di, continues to make sure that the culture, vision and values that her Father and Brothers created and followed, guides her along her journey to take the Brand, Indian Silk House Agencies, to greater heights.

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